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[ADVANTAGE] Astronomy: enjoy the stars during your stay !

Are you organizing a stay in the Lot Valley? Think about your astronomy equipment to observe the sky!

– Hobbies & astronomy –

Around the 2018 New Moon dates, stars and constellations observation is at its best in the Quercy Blanc region. Make the most of this beautiful region’s skies thanks to the lack of towns around. That’s how you’ll discover, getting out of your cosy glamping: constellations, planets, deep skies including star clusters, diffused nebulas and galaxies.

We will be pleased to guide you and show you the best places to observe the sky, according to the season and weather.

Advantage : If you are passionate about astronomy and you come along with your own observation equipment such as binoculars, telescope or easyscope…we’ll offer with pleasure a local craft beer or natural handmade juice.

We remind you that for a great night observation, you’ll need warm clothes, a folding chair, a tripod to avoid movements (a broom handle could be enough though!) and your observation equipment. Don’t forget your all-sky map to be able to see any celestial bodies according to the current date. To the astronomers with little experience, keep in mind that our eyes get used to the dark after 20 minutes spent without any light. Therefore, you won’t want any phone turned on, or any other light around. If you want to look at the sky map, get a red flashlight to maintain the dark adaption of your eyes.

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For those who are interested, just a quick reminder: there’s a volunteer observatory less than 30 minutes far from your yurt, in Montayral. It is free for anyone on Fridays from 9 pm, all year long (depending on weather conditions obviously).

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