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Dear cyclist the Lot is awaiting you!

A paradise for cyclist in the middle of unspoilt nature.

For all those who do not know the topography of the Lot, you will be surprised whatever your bike, mountain or racing bike, to find significant difference in height amid remarkable landscapes.

Quiet country roads for road bike trails at all levels

A sparsely populated department like the Lot becomes a magnificent advantage for racing cyclist. The many small isolated roads allow the most experienced to carry out difficult routes of almost 80 km. With all around you an exuberant nature, pleasant wooded areas in summer or sunny ridge roads for winter trails. It is no coincidence that there are so many clubs in the Lot, the region is a delight to discover.

A paradise for mountain bikes

You are mountain bikers, looking for a beautiful region to discover but with technical difficulties, the Lot is ready and waiting for you! For those who prefer to follow established routes, the region has traced an impressive network of hiking trails, you just have to follow the topo guide and just go ahead! After 2 or 3 cycling trails, you will come back happy of your mountain bike trip. For those who prefer to work out their own guidebook, we’ll tell you about “rougher” or more technical areas to unleash your double passion of mountain biking and orienteering.

Electric bike rides

Beside the true cycling fans, there are also those who wish to discover the region behind the handlebars of an electric bike. It’s fabulous and it can reconcile the most recalcitrant with biking resumption. Indeed, when a holidaymaker comes back delighted and thrilled about his day of electric bike, he finds himself reading the meter a distance of 60 km! And this without major efforts despite the local difference in height. So indulge yourself with an E-bike, it’s pure pleasure.

In short, the Lot offers an exceptional range for all cyclists even the highly experienced, so if you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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