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International endurance horse race

Les 2 Jours de Montcuq, the international endurance horse race!

To all participants and spectators of the 2-day Endurance Horse Competition of Montcuq, we offer our unusual and comfortable accommodation at les Hauts d’Albas.

Les 2 Jours de Montcuq, it’s 200 km in 2 days!

Les 2 Jours de Montcuq is one of the most famous endurance races in the world, with the Tevis Cup in California and the Tom Quilty Gold Cup in Australia.

If it has become over the years a great classic and unmissable event of the world’s elite is because it has managed to stay the course for more than 30 years: same dates – on the weekend closest to All Saints’ Day – same route, except minor changes, and especially same spirit: competition and performance of the horse allied to the discovery of large natural areas.

The greatest endurance specialists take part in the 2×100 km race, European, French and many foreign champions.

Not to mention the stars of this gathering; the thoroughbred horses, trained as great athletes, they draw admiration and envy of many international spectators who also come to find the rare pearl of this endurance sport. Many horse breeders meet potential owners while admiring that incredible race.

An unusual accommodation for un unusual race, les Hauts d’Albas will be delighted to welcome you.

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