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Horse riders, the Lot valley is yours!

Horse riders, the Lot valley is yours!

Horse riders, you own horses or you love multi-day horse rides, know that Les Hauts d’Albas offers to accomodate you with your horses all year round. In addition, we can organize a 7 day hikes (or less) stay of 20 to 30km each, starting from your unusual accommodation. You’ll enjoy taking a different direction every morning.

You will discover the Lot Valley and its  Cahors Malbec vineyards, with their different “terraces” and why not visit a cellar along the way? Or the Quercy Blanc and it’s limestone valleys with leafy coombs and unobstructed views. Another day you will be at the foot of castles strategically located after a coomb, or at the bottom of wooded gorges, or on the contrary overlooking the Lot River from the top of magnificent cliffs. Finally you will have that feeling of freedom while forgetting the road network and following all our hiking trails that cover the area and are at the door of your unusual holiday rental.

Coming home from your hikes, we provide you with water to clean your mounts before releasing them in the parks that we will arrange for them. Some of you bring food for their horses, be aware that if you need, we can supply hay upon request.

Thanks to our young experience to accomodate riders, we had the chance to meet this year all kinds of horseback riders: a group led by an instructor, a couple of wandering riders transiting for the night (subject to availability) and a horse owners group with vans and logistics. Please get in contact  to express your wishes about horse riding and we will organize the logistics and we will put you in touch with our professional friends.

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