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Lot festivals and musical madness !

Lot festivals and musical madness!

Come to Lot festivals this year with miscellaneous musics.

Gospel Festival in May in the Lot valley

The Lot is characterized  in Midi-Pyrénées by the musical diversity of its festivals. Take for example the Gospel festival from May 6 to 30, 2016; The Gospel Train (the tourist mini train) goes up the Boulevard Gambetta and circulates in parts of the city with a Gospel choir. In the stations ( partner cafes, restaurants) groups of musicians will be the interpreters of musical genres coming from Gospel: Blues, Jazz, Soul! Information available on festival

Blues Festival in July for an imaginative holiday

This international Blues festival takes place every year in Cahors and mobilizes renowned artists. This year it will take place from July 12 to 16, 2016 and will host prestigious names like Taj Mahal, Sugaray Rayford, JJ Milteau, Original James Brown Band, Vintage Trouble. Not to forget July 13 with Blues all over the city, and remember the principle:lots of free  stages with Blues at every street corner. Information available on Festival de blues

Argentine Tango Festival by the river Lot

A few kilometers from Cahors, in Prayssac right in the Lot valley and the vineyards come and discover Argentine Tango at the annual festival from July 16 to 30, 2016. The originality of this festival allows you to attend 12 internships of 5 dayly courses at the heart of the festival! Thus, after a hearty breakfast in your unusual rental at les Hauts d’Albas, within 15 minutes you will be ready to tackle your Argentine tango day. Not to mention the masterful demonstrations of milongas every night until 5 am! Find out more : temps du tango.

Bélaye Cello Encounters dominate the Lot

On a more classical basis, the twenty-eighth Bélaye Cello Encounters will be held from August 5 to August 12, 2016. Very famous artists will perform quality works paying tribute to Russian composers whose symphonic works have a wide circulation but whose repertoire for cello and chamber music is less known. The concerts will be organized mainly in the simple Bélaye church, with an exception for a concert in Martel where organs and cellos will be played together. For more information: rencontres de Bélaye.

In conclusion you’ll come across a musical style that suits you in this original choice offered by the Lot.

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