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Being curious ? a stay in Lot valley

You are curious ? try a stay in Lot Valley to discover real treasures near your unusual holiday rental

When staying at les Hauts d’Albas in your unusual rental, we often see two kinds of hosts : fans of discoveries and those who prefer lazing around. For the latter this article is for you, in fact you’ll find ideas for short trips around your holiday place for you to discover what the travel guides won’t be telling you …

To fill a slight urge to move outside your yurt rental.

If after breakfast on the terrace or a morning swim in the heated 20m pool, you felt like taking a ride, we suggest you to descend into the valley by LaLaurie road to view from the plateau the charming medieval castle of Cousserans (Bélaye) which has the peculiarity of having its twin a few kms away : the castle of Anglars- Juillac!

Short rectangular main building with rounded corners, flanked on one side by a high tower and circular staircase and on the opposite side by a square pavilion of the same height. The first one built in 1472-1479 is 30 years older than the latter. If you like, you can also visit the Experimental Farm of Anglars-Juillac located at the castle. Do not forget to see the church of Anglars whose bell tower is a feudal tower of the prior, lord of the manor. You will then turn upriver to see the Episcopal castle of Luzech with barbican protecting access to the tower. These vestiges of the former castle date back to 1227 and overlook the primitive”fortress” of the Barons of Luzech. Some traces can still be seen, partly troglodytic, above the current Town Hall.

Not to mention, before returning to your unusual lodging at les Hauts d’Albas, to admire the castle of Albas (now Town Hall) and its loopholes overlooking the Lot river from the cliff. The best viewpoint being from the small beach of Albas just after the bridge, where you can bathe in the Lot river and sunbathe until dinner time. With this excursion you will have discovered small heritage wonders of the beautiful Lot valley while having carried out a loop of barely 35km.

A treat for those who do not want to drive a great deal since their unusual holiday rental! And if you liked this information, do not hesitate to contact us to get more treasures routes to discover around.

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