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Quercy’s generous nature

Quercy’s generous nature

Quercy in its southern part, called Quercy Blanc, offers a generous nature, where land, vineyards and orchards produce the famous melons du Quercy, golden greengages , Chasselas de Moissac, prunes and the outstanding lavender of Quercy.

Lavender of Quercy

Formerly, lavender of Quercy was recognized for its specific qualities, soothing, relaxing, antiseptic, repairing and for its aroma. It was just equally renowned as lavender of Provence. It should be remembered that between 1950 and 1970, Quercy produced 10% of French lavender essential oils. Recently, some producers and a distillery reconnect with this culture practiced by our grandparents. Ferme de Lacontal  (Touffailles, 82190) keeps this distillery and offers each year a lavender bath in the heart of the fields in bloom for a weekend in June. You will discover the lavender farming, the distillery, you can walk the hiking trails around the farm in the midst of flowery fields . Not to mention your selection of essential oils bottles and déolaine (small « clouds »of lambs’ wool for dispensing lavender oil, a specialty by Helen and Xavier to be discovered locally).

But wool also means lambs!

They are very present in Quercy and have been for a long time, the limestone plateaus not allowing the herd of oxen and cows to fill their stomach, while the sheep being so voracious sneak around to find their food. Quercy lamb is very famous and you can easily taste it at the restaurant.

Another product distinguished in the Lower Quercy, the Chasselas de Moissac, a truly delicious table grape harvested from August to October. A certified AOC product since 1971 and European PDO since 1996. Its flexible bunch, its golden and sun-drenched grain, its thin skin, the juice that bursts in the mouth when tasting make all the delicate flavour of such fruit.

At last for flowers lovers, the originality of the clay-limestone soils of Quercy permitted the reproduction of fragile and protected species; the wild orchids. It was recorded More than twenty species were listed with a great variety of colors and remarkable delicacy. They will meet your hiker’s  eyes from April to June each year in Quercy.

If the generous nature of Quercy intrigues you, come and discover it at les Hauts d’Albas in an atypical and comfortable accommodation throughout the year.

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